Marie Mamonia is an intuitive healer and Reiki Master.

She gives relaxing healing treatments that is unique to every individual.

Reiki is an anchient healing system that originates from Japan.

It is a completely safe and natural way of connecting to the healing energies of the universe

to bring balance and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. 


REI = Universal  Ki = Energy 







Pain relief

Stress relief 

Anxiety relief




Reiki is a gift that is available to us.

Reiki is a higher conscious energy that knows exactly where it needs to go.

It naturally treats the root causes of any ailment or symptom in the body,

whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

It always supports you and speeds up healing processes in the body.


I'm daily honored to receive the universal energies through my own body. 

Each treatment is a unique experience. Not two sessions are alike.

I welcome you to try this deeply nourishing and relaxing treatment.



What to expect from a Reiki treatment


• Treatments are usually between 60 to 90 minutes. 


• I use  the handpositions from the Usui natural healing system, which has 4 positions around the head, 4 positions on the upper body, hands, knees and feet, as well as 4 positions on the back.  

• Clients usually lay down during a session. Clients are fully dressed as the energy goes through clothes, fibers, and materials, even metals!

It might be nice for you to take off jewelry and wear loose fitting clothes for your own comfort.

• Clients usually express that they feel warmth, buzzing and sometimes different symptoms of release such as laughter, sleep, snorring, yawning. It is perfectly normal to have clients fall asleep as their body enters deep rest. 


• Together with my clients Reiki has healed many things, like stress, heart ache, depression, pain, blockages and anxiety. There are no known limits to what Reiki can heal. There are countless experiences of Reiki treating many serious illnesses. Reiki is also a valuable tool to aid any other form of treatment, as it supports and speeds up the body's own healing process.

What I do

(besides being a happy healer)


My work is to be a clear channel for the Reiki to come through my hands to facilitate healing.

I believe that when we heal a part of ourselves, we also heal for the whole of humanity.

So healing work to me is truly rewarding, giving, and I am always grateful to my clients for the work

they are doing, because they are the catalysts for real change!


During the session I will focus on the intention we set together from the start.

It is an intuitive process, that involves a lot of listening, focus and present moment awareness.

All the client is expected to do is lay back, allow for the energies to come in and enjoy a relaxing hour.


I have had the pleasure of practicing Reiki for over 5 years in Brooklyn, NYC.

Now I am beyond excited to share my praxis here in Copenhagen.

I have set up Reiki Cph which is a school and a clinic for receiving Reiki.

For now Reiki Cph lives at the lovely locations already out there

- and I also happily do homevisits.

I look forward to meeting you.


I offer a special discount to help mothers through

pregnancy and birth with presence and ease.


Mama Package


Reiki and pregnancy goes hand in hand. It is a natural and safe way to create ease and peace around your journey into motherhood. Reiki is very relaxing and effortlessly removes stress and anxiety in the body so your little wonder can grow and feel at peace inside you though the trimesters.

Furthermore Reiki is said to give mothers a quick and easy birth experience. This is exactly how I would describe the birth of my beautiful 10 pound baby boy. Quick and easy!


My Reiki treatment package includes 5 Reiki treatments

with coaching and a guided meditation to envision your dream birth. We will focus on, removing stress and anxiety whilst focusing on deep listening, connecting and communicating

with your baby through each of your trimesters.

Where to find me



You can book a session with me at these wonderful locations

Home Visits

Holistisk Hudterapeut Uddannelsen

Istedgade 108, st. tv.

1650 KBH Vesterbro, Denmark

Telefon +45 31 18 17 84

Sværtegade 3, 2. sal

1118 København K, Denmark

Øster Farigmagsgade 8 st th,

2100 Østerbro, Denmark

Telefon +45 25 38 40 13

I happily do home visits to those who wish to bring a higher vibration to the energy at home. Enquire when booking...


1 session (60-90 min) - 900 kr.

30 min. session - 500 kr.

5 session Pass (60-90 min. you will be flying) - 4000 kr.

Mama Package (includes 5 reiki sessions, coaching and a meditation ceremony to envision your dream birth) - 3500 kr.

Marie Mamonia

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