It is my absolute delight to meet you

and share my healing practice with you.

My life mission is to help bring peace to Earth...

to help YOU be the best YOU can be.

Every time we heal ourselves, we heal a part of the whole.

By bringing people into wholeness I am fulfilling my

divine purpose. This makes me a very happy healer.

Marie Brown, Reiki Master


Peace Begins With You

Together we set an intention and work towards achieving your goals,

whether it be dealing with stress and illness, healing deep emotional scars, traumas or creating more balance and creative flow in your life.

I provide a safe and supportive space for you to let go, and to move through the dark and stagnant areas to bring light, wellbeing and love into your life, so you can step into your creative power and create the life your heart desires.



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For the Mamas

It is my privilege to  help mothers through pregnancy and birth with presence and ease. My Reiki treatment package includes coaching and envisioning your dream birth, removing stress and  anxiety whilst focusing on  deep listening, connecting and communicating with your baby through each of your trimesters.   

Marie Brown

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