Marie Brown is a poet and a published author.

She is a mother, a Reiki Master and the founder of We Make Peace.

For the past 5 years I have buildt my praxis as an intuitive healer both giving treatments and teaching Reiki Level 1 and 2 courses in Brooklyn, NYC and in Copenhagen.

I studied with my Reiki Master,  Malin Landaeus from 2011-2014.

Now I am living in Denmark and have founded a Reiki school called, Reiki Cph.

I am excited to welcome clients and students here and to host meditation and

healing events here in Copenhagen.

I chose to be here, to have this "Earth experience", to be part of the change,

to help bring peace to our beautiful planet.

I believe we live in a crucial time.The choice is clear:

Be part of the collective conscious evolution marked by love and unity.

Or we as a species are likely to wipe out ourselves

and a lot of amazing life on Earth in the process.

Together we can make peace and create a marvelous journey

of hope and prosperity for us and all life on our beautiful planet.

It is time to take this responsability seriously and set your intention

for serving the highest good for humanity and for the planet

- and be the change

we want to see in each present moment.

Check out my gallery for some of my poetic creative work

Thank you for visiting my site. 


A school program that builds peace from the inside out..

WE MAKE PEACE is part of Marie's mission to help bringing peace to our beautiful Earth.

Marie  founded WE MAKE PEACE in Denmark in 2006 when she initiated a nation-wide school project that placed the subject of peace on the agenda for the Autumn of 2007 involving 100 school classes and a host of humanitarian organizations, such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, Børns Vilkår, Danis Refugee Council, and many more. The project ended with a month long exhibition at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, showing the art pieces and results of the students work, asking questions such as; how do we make peace within?

With each other, in the classroom and in society?

Looking for school materials and inspiration to engage children and young people in peace education?

See more about our current projects here:  www.wemakepeace.org 

Marie Brown

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