Lily Gutierrez, Writer 

"Marie is a true healer, powerful and intuitive.

She has helped me more than anyone else.

Her Reiki sessions have helped me with many things:

tiredness, anxiety and depression, and much more.

She always leaves me feeling re-energized, aligned,

grounded and confident in a new way."

Julia Taylor Ross, Actress

"Marie's reiki touch is sensitive, warm and deeply healing. Much like Marie herself, her brand of reiki is supportive and comforting. She provides an open channel allowing the reiki to effectively attend to whatever your particular needs are on a given day, even if you cannot name those needs yourself."


Micheal Hooker, Massage and Polarity Therapist Instructor 

"In my 12 years of experience as a healing arts professional, I have yet to meet a more humble and dedicated Reiki practitioner than Marie. Her reverence for peace activism is a key element in everything she touches. Marie shares a deep joy for the poetics of wellness with her clients; an effective craft that is palpable."

Helena Karhu, Healer and Ceremonialist 


"Having received both reiki healing and the Reiki 1 course by Marie Mamonia, I would like to give my highest recommendations to her work. Myself being a professional healer, I am sensitive to notice the healing capacity of someone, and the Reiki healing received through Marie was one of the most powerful healing I have never received. She creates beautiful atmosphere for her sessions, and transmits the Reiki healing with reverence and clarity. This is why I felt honored to take also my Reiki studies under her guidance, and the whole course experience was both profound and delightful. Thank you Marie!" 

Marie Brown

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